Monkey Temple

Monkey Temple

Title Type Views
Gahirochords 21,748
Samayachords 7,959
Sangai Bachaunachords 5,424
Sochekochords 6,177

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Title Type Views
Ajambarilyrics 4,253
Gahirolyrics 14,615
Samayalyrics 1,463
Sangai Bachaunalyrics 24,337
Sochekolyrics 1,870

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Sangai Bachauna

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One of the first Nepali Alternative Rock bands and also one of the first Nepali bands to be featured on MTV South Asia and a very famous & well known rock outfit in Nepal’s music scene today, Monkey Temple comprises of Sareen Deoja (vocals/Guitar), Dipesh Shrestha (Guitar),Jenish Maharjan (Bass) and Pratap Risal (Drums), all of whom hail from Kathmandu. Monkey Temple band enjoys a nation-wide fame and popularity at this time and age and has managed to win the hearts of millions of Nepalese people at home and residing all over the world. The band has come a long way from its humble beginnings back in 1998 and has continuously proven to survive and strive till date. The band was originally formed in the corridors of St. Xavier's School, Kathmandu, by guitarist Subodh Gurung and vocalist Sareen Deoja in the year 1998. They recorded their first full-length album “Black Bee & the Flower” in 2001, which helped them win a niche of supporters and create a unique identity in Kathmandu’s rock music scene. Shades of Grey and Self-titled album Monkey Temple was released subsequently in the year 2012 and 2015. The band currently has many official videos available on YouTube and that for their song “Anumati”, this particular video turned out to be a huge success for the band, as this was the first video/song from Nepal to be featured on MTV South Asia in the year 2012. Amongst their many accolades they have also bagged national awards including Hits FM award and have always been nominated in Kantipur National awards. They have also toured internationally amongst the Nepalese Diasporas and music enthusiasts in countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, India and obviously various corners of our country itself. Songs like Acoustic#11, Sangai Bachauna, Gahiro, Maya nai ho, Sangai, Anumati, Hamro Nepal, Jiwan ko Rail, Samaya have become their highlighting numbers and are people’s favorite. These songs have collectively managed to accumulate millions of views through their respective videos on YouTube. Acoustic#11 has already managed to reach 800k views and growing, Sangai bachauna which was recently released has managed to reach 600k views and growing in only a matter of two months as it can be deemed as a viral video for a rock band in our Country. It is also not a coincidence that during their recent two months Nepal Tour these songs were well recognized and sung by thousands of fans in Kathmandu and all across the country while they themselves were performing on stage in various parts of the country. Monkey Temple has come a long way exceeding itself from a local/regional fan base to a nationwide popularity and also catering to Nepalese Diasporas residing in various parts of the World. In present day and time, there is no contradiction in saying that Monkey Temple is one of the most popular rock outfits of Nepal catering to audiences of large demographics and volume. They are well known amongst teenagers to adults of various age groups. Monkey Temple has come a long way from their humble beginnings in the year 1998 to one of the most famous and established rock bands of our country today. Source: Monkey Temple Facebook Page

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