Mukti & Revival [ 10 Total ]

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Chaubani Cholochords 3,124
Dalli Reshamchords 414
Sanjha Ko Joon Sangaichords 955

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Basanta Udayolyrics 560
Birano Rataimalyrics 594
Dalli Reshamlyrics 1,345
K Bho Yaha Bujhaideunalyrics 748
Mero Naya Dinlyrics 318
Sanjha Ko Jun Sangailyrics 732
Shantiko Bigullyrics 1,337

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About the Band

During early 80s Kathmandu was still going through hangover of hippie era, it had a strong western music influence in the air. A local who grew up near the hippies' hang out popularly known as freak streets was not spared. Mukti Shakya picked up guitar, joined one of the most popular band "Radium" as bassiest . 

Mukti was soon regarded as an inspiration to the up coming musician and idol to many musicians of the valley. His fans belongs to different age groups from teenagers to old folks still singing his tunes and swinging to his rhythms all over the world. In mid 80's Mukti went to Spain with 
his wife, where he played and toured with different other bands.

Mukti came back to Kathmandu in early 90’s. Noticing the change in the scene he decided that he needs to revive the old musical charm. Thus, he collected young energetic musician Roshan kansakar, Rabindra shrestha, Binod shrestha and started the Mukti and Revival. 
He’s been able to sway many music lovers with his tune. From performing for a crowd of 15000 at Kathmandu Durbar Square to 100’s at small bars and venues, Mukti and Revival’s music has never failed to mesmerize the crowd. 

Having performed all over America, Europe, Australia, Canada Sikkim,India.
With 4 albums and numerous Hits awards under their belt, Mukti & Revival holds a prominent space in Nepali Rock Music Scenario.

• Kalanki ko Jam
• Bujhhai Deu
• Dekhdai Chhu Ma
• Sadhai Bhari


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