Music For Covid Relief

We all know the current status of Covid 19 in Nepal. We are equally aware about the hardship and mismanagement of quarantine centers and people returning to Nepal. Many organizations are independently working on the relief work for providing better food and shelter to the people living in quarantine centers. They are doing a great job but most of the organizations are working voluntarily and with limited funds. With our support they can easily carry out their ongoing tasks and relief efforts. This is a very hard situation for all of us but at the same time we can try our best to help each other in any way possible.

In such a hard time, joining hands with each other and working for the same goal is the best thing to do. So we are going to organize a month long live show where we will have live shows from different artists with the same motive i.e, Music For Covid Relief. We will have 2 live shows every week featuring different artists per show. The goal of these live shows will be to promote different organizations working on providing COVID Relief and to help them raise the necessary funds to provide the relief. We are going to include the contact details, Bank A/C and any other required information regarding how to donate funds directly to the organizations; so that the funds raised will directly reach them.

How to Support Artists? 

How to Support Organizations?

Donations from Outside Nepal

Show Details: 

Date: July 3 to July 31, every Friday and Saturday

Performing Artists

  1. Nikita Shrestha (Space, Trees) July 3rd, 7PM
  2. ASM - July 4th, 10AM
  3. Rochak Dahal (Pahelo batti Muni) - July 10th, 4PM
  4. Shaurav Bhattarai (Kagaaz / Kush) - July 11th, 6PM
  5. Rachana Dahal - July 17th, 6PM
  6. Susmi (Rock Gene) - July 18th, 3PM
  7. Ankita Pun - July 24th, 7PM
  8. Hari Kunwar - July 25th, 3PM
  9. Jhilkey and the Company - TBD
  10. Kta Haru - TBD

We are supporting the following Organizations

  1. Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub
    The Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub is a volunteer organization made of exceptional young talented individuals who are passionate about building a better community. The Global Shapers community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum. All work done by the hub is maintained transparently, and is done with zero overhead costs.
    • How to donate?
      Donation details:
      NIBL A/C: Global Shapers Community Kathmandu (036-010-402-55714)
      Esewa: 9841599058

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  2. Feed the Hungry Nepal
    Feed the hungry is a youth initiative working to rid hunger around Kathmandu at the moment with a goal of ridding Nepal of Hunger. People from different walks of life have come together and We have one guiding principle that we strictly adhere to and that is #HungerNoLonger
  3. Sano Paila
    Sano Paila have been working in a multi-pronged manner: providing free meals to daily wagers, Dalits, people returning home through the Nepal-India border, and other disadvantaged groups, providing nutritious meals to COVID patients, building and donating contactless COVID swab collection booths, and more.
    • How to donate?
      Bank Deposit
      Account Name: Sano Paila (A Little Step)
      Account Number: 00215222606
      Siddhartha Bank, Birgunj Branch
      Swift Code: SIDDNPKA

      Gift Online:

      Donate via Khalti or eSewa

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