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Night aims to reproduce and even reinvent some of the many endangered/lost instruments of Nepal. We aim to create new sounds, music and stories from these instruments while also attempting to rediscover a part of our musical culture.

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Paras Mani Subedi : Dhimay
Birat Basnet: Murchunga, Nay-Khin
Emiko Gauchan: Sarangi
Sumnima Singh: Vocals
Jason Kunwar: Vocals, Tungna, Paluwa, Guitar, Sarangi
Niraj Shakya: Murchunga, Singing Bowl


Music: Night
Editing & cinematography: Shashank Shrestha
Camera: Shashank Shrestha, Rishi Amatya
Concept: Jason Kunwar and Shashank Shrestha
Lyrics: Jason Kunwar

Supported by Rec Records



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